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We all were students just like you, following instead of chancing their dream of studying medicine.

My name is Dr. Hasan Aysoy. I came to Bulgaria in 2006 to study medicine. During my studies I set foundation for what now is know as the biggest and oldest consultancy in Bulgaria. Since I started, my team & I have helped more than  1500 students to accomplish their dream of studying medicine abroad without paying ridiculos amounts to agencies.

What makes me and my team a different consultancy?

We are in Bulgaria, at the university. We are not agents who don’t know how it feels to study medicine abroad. We are there for you in the city and at the universty you will study at. We know the Profs., the university, the city and every single thing you could imagine and think of.

This makes us different. We are not business people who sit in their offices and on their phones thousand of kilometers away. We are MDs and future MDs, just like you and we are there for you, next to you.



If you want to study medicine, then is your right choice and the correct address to visit.


We are there for you & will be by your side in Bulgaria until your graduation.


The bulgarian medical diploma is recognized world wide. It's an EU diploma & the course of study is adjusted to the bologna process.


Living and studying Bulgaria is much cheaper than elsewhere in Europe. Mail us & will inform you about this in detail

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I’m Aalaa ! I’ve experienced to study medicine and dentistry in Germany and went abroad via Erasmus to experience the medical university system in Bulgaria.
Through these Instagram pages I want to encourage you to take the step to study abroad, specially in Bulgaria.
Feel free to mail me through this website or the Instagram page for any questions about studying abroad & especially if you want me to tell you about my experience in Bulgaria.

No Paper Chaos

Send us your required notarized documents with apostille & we will do the rest.

Our Service Is Guaranteed

Personal experience since 2006 & experience with students from all over the world!

High School Grades?

If you are passionate about studying medicine & we will find a way for you, even if your high school grades were not the best!


All the courses are in English language. Still you will start Bulgarian language classes at universty from year 1 till 2 !


We will personally visit your future apartment & make sure it's perfect for you. Furnitured, affordable and close to university!


Living cost are much cheaper than elsewhere in Europe. 450€ - 600€/month including rent, depending on your lifestyle!


Medical student recruitment has become a serious business. You will find many agencies and consultants. What makes my team different? Maybe the idea and aim I had from the beginning and that my team shares. To make your dream of studying medicine come true by putting foundation of an agency with a financially affordable service. So there are many reasons. Some of them:

Our Service

  •  Reservation and providing of the seat at the Bulgarian medical university you choose or we chose together according to what would be the best possibility for you.
  •  Finishing all the application steps, getting the first & second admission certificate and providing you with them.
  •  Successful ministry application and invitation letter for visa application for non-EU applicants.
  •  Supplying all the necessary and honest informations according to our experience since 14 years.
  •  Providing the university program and explaining it to you as doctors and former medicine and dentistry students.
  •  Finding and arranging accommodation before students arrival.
  •  Meeting you at the airport and leading till your new home.
  • Address registration and leading to orientation week.
  • Bulgarian health insurance consultancy.
  • Assistance in all stages of living in Bulgaria.
  • Residency card consultancy for non-EU students.
  • Welcome Starter Package.
  • Free consultancy at any time before and after arrival to Bulgaria for both student and parents in several languages.
  • Not just consultants, but your new friends and family in Bulgaria and at your university.
  • Consultancy in the difference and possibilities for medicine, veterinary medicine, psychology  and dentistry.


This all sounds too good and unbelievable? Book a flight to Sofia. We will meet you there and bring you to the university you choose. With your own eyes you will see the university, meet students & start planing, how your future life as a medical student will look like.This will be a free service for you and your parents !


Yes. In some countries like USA you’ll have to sit the USMLE for example & in the Middle East you’ll have
to sit the medical board exams for the country you choose. But the diploma is still recognized world wide, plus in Europe
you won’t need to sit any medical exams after graduation (probably only a langauge exams
depending on where you want to practice).

Yes. In all 6 Medical universities all students have to sit entrance exams in biology, chemistry
and English language. Having a certificate proving that your English language level is B2 or
above can be used instead of the entrance exam in English. During to the COVID-19 situation, entrance exams are mostly online.

Yes. You will learn it during the first two university years. It’s necessary for your every day life and
for the dialogue with your patients after second year.

Two years of pre-clinical subjects, 3 years of clinical subjects and one practical year with state
exams during the practical year.

You should have had biology and chemistry in high school. If you revise and fresh up your
knowledge you’ll face less difficulties during the first two years. We will help you with this.

No. You can be under 18 or 60+. As long as you wish to study medicine you’ll be fine.

No. It’s not a problem but you should revise your knowledge and also get yourself used to
long hours of studying.

Yes there are. In some cities you’ll find more options than in others. Let us know how we can
help you here.

If you are a non EU student you’ll need visa. Visa is a part of the service we do.

You can if you have working permission in the EU. But you won’t find time at all. Even for a
part time job you won’t have time during the first two years. So maybe you should focus on
working before starting med school, in a gap year, or working during the summer vacation.
Some students have online or home office jobs. But there is not much time for this. Plus with
working in Bulgaria you will not be able to afford living and university costs.

No. Some universites mighty give you 500€ discount if you get excellent grades during the
year. For example the medical university of Plovdiv. But other universities don’t.

Yes ! Ask us and we’ll inform you when.

Between the cities there are bus shuttles, trains and there is an airline between Sofia and Varna. In the city you can use taxis, metro (in
Sofia), bus or bikes.

Depends on your life style. But you’ll be fine with 550€/month

Yes. All subjects have practical parts, which are obligatory.

There are tests during the year. MCQ, essays, open questions or oral. Then there are final
exams which normally include all the mentioned before. First you have to pass the MCQ, then
you have to write 1-3 essays and then you’ll be asked oral about the essays.

Let’s say yes. But it’s not smart to try to transfer back before finishing the state exams after
second year. Your country will recognize all the subjects. But the question that remains is: will
there be a seat waiting for you at your university back home ? It’s a 50:50 chance.

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Bulgarian Language

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