About us

We all were students just like you, chancing their dream of studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine !

About Me

My name is Dr. Hasan Aysoy. 2006 I  came to Bulgaria to study medicine. During my studies I set foundation for what now is know as the biggest and oldest consultancy in Bulgaria. Since I started, my team & I have helped much more than a 1500 students to accomplish their dream of studying medicine abroad without paying ridiculous amounts to agencies.

What makes me and my team different than all these agencies you can find easily on google ?

We are in Bulgaria, at the university. We are not agents who don’t know how it feels to study abroad and specially to study medicine abroad. We are there for you in the city and at the university you will study at. We know the Profs, the uni, the city and every single detail you could imagine and think of !

This makes us different. We are not business people who sit in their offices and on their phones thousand of kilometers away. We are MDs and future MDs, just like you and we are there for you, next to you.

We are a team of doctors and future doctors. So you will be gaining informations in Bulgaria from those who graduated and those who are still studying.

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