Study abroad. 

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Lovelies, there is so much outside just waiting for you to be experienced! Here and there. On every edge you will find new things and fun and also tears! This year was and is the most exciting year in my whole life! I do not know where to start writing,- we laugh and we love. We are desperate and we fall. But this is how it is and how it should be.

Here are 10 Reasons

  1. You study international. That means many people from all over the world are with you in seminars and you can connect with them!
  2. The universities are small and very cozy: that means that you do not get lost! It is like a small village and you find everything very fast
  3. Most universities have a system that you write tests and colloquiums over the year: so you earn points for your exams already during the weeks: It is very useful when you are studying since the beginning of university and it is easier to get a better grade then! 
  4. You study in english and mostly you are tought the language of the country you live in, its very nice to learn new languages and cultures!
  5. Living abroad is mostlly cheaper than in your home country. You have finacial advantages in finding an apartment, at shops, cinemas etc.
  6. The university life has a little bit less stress and the organisation has a little bit more flexibility. It goes faster to retake tests and learning through the whole year you have to rewise less. 
  7. The professors show a lot of patience and have a lot of empathy. 
  8. You will build friendships that will last a  life long! Everyone who is abroad do not have their family next to them so your friends are your family abroad!
  9. You will earn more confidence and you will find a way to do more things on your own and you will be your own best friend! You will make many new experiences! 
  10. You will learn a lot from yourself! You will get more independent and then you will say to yourself: this is how it is. This is how it should be!

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