Interview mit einigen unserer Studierenden

We all were students just like you, chancing their dream of studying medicine.

Hey guys, 
I'm Thalia, 19 years old and from Germany. 
Since I was a little girl I wanted to become a doctor. Because of the NC I decided to study biotechnology first, in order to potentially get into medicine via detours. I realized that this way would not really bring me closer to my goal. I trained as a rescue paramedic (ambulance officer) after that and applied for medicine in Pleven, Bulgaria. And here I am now.
Hey 🙂 I am Rana , 24 years old from Austria 🇦🇹 . After graduating from high school I wanted to study medicine in Austria but I did not succeed in the entrance test. I started to study pharmacy for a while , but pharmacy did not match my interest, so I started to find a way to study medicine. Now I am in pleven in the first year of my study and I am glad and thankful for becoming this chance

Hi! I’m Christina from Germany, 
This semester I will be starting medicine studies at MU-Pleven. I always wanted to study medicine as I want to get the knowledge to be able to help people. I couldn't imagine being happy for the rest of my life with anything else.
A few days ago I arrived in Pleven and I'm now living with my three roommates including our skeleton Henry-Salomon.

Hey, my name is Sharly and I'm a second year medical student in Pleven, Bulgaria. I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor, but after my A-levels, it became clear that it wouldn't be an easy path until there. So I started being a nurse and after that, I began a bachelor's degree in biology. I soon realized that this wasn't for me and I chose to study abroad instead. So I moved to Pleven, with a suitcase and two cats. On the photo, you can see that my cat Vito enjoys studying as much as I do 🙂
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