A Accredited Diploma ! Approach for your medical school journey !

B Before you’ll have realized it you’ll have your acceptance letter !

C Clear answers and no hidden facts !

D Duration of study: 6 years for both medicine and dentistry !

E Experienced friends to your side through the whole journey. None of us has not been a Med or dental student in Bulgaria !

F Fear that this all might not be real ? Come to Sofia, we will pick you up and give you a free tour at your future university !

G Guidence through the 6 years of Med school

H Hobbies that you don’t want to miss while studying in Bulgaria ? You’ll be able to go on with your hobbies and might even pay less.

I International friends and cuisine during the whole year ! At Med Uni Pleven there is a special International Day event organized by the students and celebrated annually

J Just want to have fun ? No ! It’s not that easy! But as long as you study you’ll enjoy the journey and have fun!

K Know how ? That’s why we claim to be the best. We studied here and many of us are still studying or specializing here ! So you’ll get real life Infos

L Language Barrier ? You’ll find almost everyone able to communicate in English & you’ll start learning Bulgarian language from day one at Uni.

M Marks at high school weren’t the best ? Don’t worry we want to give you a chance !

N No biology nor chemistry since a long time ? Don’t worry, you’ll start at a very basic level in first year !

O Overslept a lesson ? Don’t let it happen too often because there are attendance lists especially in the first two years, so you’d better attend lectures and practical classes. You’ll learn more and you’ll be sure you’ll get the signature at the end of the semester !

P Parents have questions or want to join you at the beginning of your journey ? Feel free to join and ask us whatever comes to your mind !

Q Question forma in the exams ? MCQs, Essays & oral Exams

R Real Patients ? You will be in touch with them after second year of study !

S Science & Research ? You’ll find people who will motivate you and you’ll be able to visit congresses for young scientists

T Tests, Finals, Exams ? It’s simple, you study, you pass !

V Various nationalities in one university. You’ll soon have international friends !

W World wide recognized diploma

X X-Mas Holidays, we’ll be honest with you, they’ll be short & you’ll have to study during the holidays

Y You wish to study medicine ? Your wish shall come true !

Z Zero waste of time if you apply directly after high school !

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